Exercise and Brain Health – 12/6/21 @ 1:00pm (MT)

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We all know that exercise can help our body, but what about our brain? Dr. Daniel Corcos, an expert in exercise and Parkinson’s disease (PD), will share his knowledge and answer your questions on how exercise can positively affect brain health in people with PD. 

Exercise is becoming widely recognized as a vital part of the treatment of PD, as it can help manage many PD motor symptoms.  The research reveals the importance of physical exercise to optimize function and enhance quality of life.  But in this exciting episode of Dr. Gilbert Hosts we will learn about the positive effects exercise can have on the brain of people with PD. (Care partners and friends should also tune in – your brains can benefit as well!)

In this live broadcast you will learn about:

 – how exercise changes the brain for the better

 – PD symptoms that can be improved with exercise 

 – the SPARX3 clinical trial, which is hoping to demonstrate the positive effects of exercise for people with PD

 – and much more!

Dr. Corcos will also answer your questions LIVE during the program, so register today to reserve your spot!

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