The Strength and Balance Exercise class in Kalispell has been an important part of the PD community for several years. Initially, the class was held at the Summit Medical Fitness Center but is currently being held on Zoom and will begin meeting in person two days each month beginning April 6th, 2023. Strength and Balance incorporates all of the exercises that are necessary for persons with PD including cardio, strength, balance, coordination, cognitive, and more. The exercises are functional and focus on maintaining or increasing the participant’s ability to perform day-to-day activities.

Mary Anne Gill is the energetic, positive and committed instructor for this hour long class. No experience is necessary to join this class. For more details or to join this class, send a message through our Contact page. Check the Calendar for days and time.

Strength and Balance class participating in the Parkinson’s Awareness Event, April 2022.

Here’s what our participants have to say about the Strength and Balance class:

“Motivation is the problem for me. When I try to take classes on my own or work on exercise machines, something always comes up. The Strength and Balance classes have kept me moving. The friends are there to share our ups and downs.  Zoom has been been awesome, thanks to Mary Anne, Marjory and fellow BIG Zoomers.” -Ellen

“I was diagnosed a year ago with PD. I have learned that exercise is absolutely VITAL to people with PD! It has been for me. I have started moving, I feel better, walk a little faster, emotionally I feel stronger. A person with or without PD could benefit from participating in these Strength and Balance Zoom classes!” -Lela

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