April 17: Nurse Gwyn Palchak shows how to be your own best advocate

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Hi Friends!
Everyone tells us to write down our questions and concerns before heading to the doctor’s office for our next check-up. We all know how we function day to day, but when it comes to the list of questions our neurologist lays out before us during the appointment we can get waylaid and forget our own priority questions. So how do we stay on track and get exactly what we are looking for from our medical providers?
At our next Parkinson’s Support Group meeting on Wednesday, April 17, one of the very best and longest-practicing patient-care providers in the Flathead will share her insights and practical experience to guide us.
Gwyn Palchak, BSN, RN, will share with us how to be our own advocates in the medical realm. She will discuss what questions to ask and what we can expect from our medical professionals, then answer your questions and give you practical tips on how to fine-tune your search for the best care.
Gwyn has been a nurse for over 40 years – 37 years in the hospital system, plus another 5 years as owner of a small consulting firm. She started as a floor medical-surgical nurse, then progressed to teaching at a school of nursing, working Labor and Delivery and Critical Care. Since 1988 she has been involved in some aspect of case management: home health with a specialty in high-risk OB, utilization management, access, denials, hospital discharge planning, department supervisor and, lastly, as a transitions of care nurse integrating outpatient and inpatient case management.
Currently she owns Two Trees consulting, providing services to case management departments and teaching case management principles. Gwyn is active in ANA/MNA and ACMA. When not working, she enjoys hiking, gardening, learning new recipes and, most importantly, her grandchildren.
Our Support Group meeting is 1:30-3:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 17 in the Hampton Inn in

 the Hampton Inn, on US 2 West in Kalispell.

Get this one on your calendar now!Enjoy this wonderful spring,

Flathead Valley Parkinson’s Support Grooup

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