One Size Does Not Fit all When it comes to Parkinson’s

How one person experiences Parkinson’s disease (PD) can be quite different from how someone else does. From the symptoms they experience to the rate of progression, the disease can vary in its manifestation. And the symptoms can be everything from an obvious and visible tremor to unseen fatigue or gastrointestinal issues. Because of this wide variation, it is wise to understand the full range of symptoms so you can take notice of changes in yourself or a loved one and address them with your doctor. Here are some helpful resources about PD symptoms:
The Early Signs of PD:  PD symptoms generally fall into two main categories – motor symptoms and non-motor symptoms. The first symptoms of PD often do not involve a problem with movement, with non-motor symptoms often preceding motor symptoms, sometimes by decades. Learn more about the early signs to look for.
PD Symptom Overview: From the four primary motor symptoms of PD to the often-overlooked non-motor symptoms, this overview explains many of the classic PD symptoms.
Parkinson’s Disease Handbook: When trying to learn more about PD, it’s good to go beyond just the symptoms. The APDA Parkinson’s Disease Handbook is a great starting point, with a wealth of valuable information about common symptoms, treatments, care partner tips, and research updates. The Handbook is also available in Spanish.
Uncommon PD Symptoms: Some days it can seem that almost anything is a symptom of PD, and it can be confusing to know which of your symptoms are connected to PD and which are not. The common symptoms get a lot of discussion, but there are a few lesser-known symptoms that are worth noting.
Tracking Your Symptoms: It can be tough to keep track of symptoms and when or how often they are occurring, especially when there is a long stretch between doctor visits. The APDA Symptom Tracker App was created to help you easily and accurately track your PD symptoms over time as well as your medications, and relay that important information to members of your medical team. The ultimate goal is for you to receive better, more personalized care. The app is also available in Spanish.We hope these resources are helpful and we encourage you to share them with others who might benefit from the information. And please remember that APDA is here for you every step of the way! Do not hesitate to reach out via our APDA helpline at (800-223-2732)  or email us at

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