Speech, Voice and Parkinson’s with John Dean – View Anytime

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This webinar is no longer live, however you can  register anyway, and we’ll send you a recording as soon as it’s available.
ABOUT THE WEBINAR Speech and voice impairments are common among those living with Parkinson’s. As many as 90% of people with Parkinson’s experience difficulties such as “hypophonia” (soft speech) or a more monotone, raspy, or breathy voice. Speech can become less intelligible and can make communication difficult, especially if paired with facial masking (a decrease in facial expression). It will come as no surprise then that speech and voice impairments can impact quality of life. Speech and Language Pathologist John Dean will speak about the various speech challenges related to Parkinson’s and, more importantly, what you can do every day to train your voice, improve your speech, and communicate more fluidly and clearly.
If you run into any issues while registering, please email us at contact@dpf.org or call 866-358-0285

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