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What are your plans this week? How about waking up and smelling the coffee, walking barefoot in the grass, forest bathing, or trying a new food! These are all recommendations for “living in the moment” and experiencing the benefits of mindfulness and improving your mental health. And what is “forest bathing” you may ask? Keep reading!
Meet Mei HanwayMei is a recent graduate from Seattle Lutheran High School. Her grandfathers on both sides of her family are living with Parkinson’s. Mei spent time this year doing her senior project volunteering with APDA. As part of that project, she researched and developed this guide for you!We are proud to present Mei Hanway’s Steps for for Living in the Moment! For Mei, like everyone else during this time of COVID, she had been looking for a way to get away from her computer screen and find positive light to focus on. She has achieved that through focusing on the little things that she can control and have fun doing. By sharing these activities with you she hopes that you can find a little light in your day as well. So take a step back from screens this week and try one of these activities every day. How did it go? Mei would love to know! email us at and we will share your thoughts with Mei!

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