National Make-A-Will Month


August is National Make-A-Will Month! This month encourages PMD Alliance to look ahead and ensure a sustainable, secure future as we work toward bringing clarity and life-changing solutions to those impacted by movement disorders. One way you can be encouraged to do the same and protect your future in the process is by creating a will.

FreeWill’s secure platform has already helped more than 560,000 individuals complete their wills. This Make-A-Will Month, thousands more will take action. Why? Because no matter the value or nature of your assets, creating a plan:

  • Helps you care for and protect your loved ones
  • Empowers you to make important decisions, on your own terms
  • Gives you an easy way to support the causes you love permanently

Join the Make-A-Will movement

Thinking about what’s included in your estate can feel overwhelming, but taking inventory of your assets can help. FreeWill’s estate planning tools are available for you to take this important step to secure your future at no immediate cost.

The video below details the importance of having an up-to-date will:

This August, I invite you to join the movement and protect your assets, loved ones, and the causes you care about!


Maureen Simmons, Chief Advancement Officer

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