Spotlight on Parkinson’s Disease – 5/11/23

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Articles for You Brain & Life® is your source for keeping your brain healthy and living well with neurologic disease. Since you have expressed interest in learning more about Parkinson’s disease in the past, we hope you will value the below stories and more on
 Staying Afloat with Parkinson’s  Swimming helps this woman manage her disease.  READ MORE  
14 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise Exercise is key for people with neurologic diseases, including Parkinson’s. READ MORE
How to Manage a Swallowing Disorder Dysphagia or difficulty swallowing affects up to 50 percent of people with Parkinson’s. READ MORE
Additional Resources: Learn More About Parkinson’s Disease Visit our Parkinson’s disease page to learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Parkinson’s disease and browse our past articles. READ MORE
Brain & Life® Books: Navigating Life with Parkinson’s Disease
Read the second edition of our popular guide book for those living with Parkinson’s disease.

Brain & Life Podcast: How American Ninja Rose Above Parkinson’s Parkinson’s disease advocate Jimmy Choi talks about his early-onset Parkinson’s diagnosis and how it impacted his physical abilities and mental health, and neurologist Dr. Allan Wu discusses the physical and mental challenges that accompany a Parkinson’s diagnosis and treatments that are available.


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