The Parkinson’s Journey

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Building a Care Team

As a person living with Parkinson’s, your needs for care and support can vary and evolve as the disease changes. Here are some of the people who can make valuable contributions to your care and well-being.

  • Movement Disorder SpecialistA movement disorder specialist is a neurologist with additional training in Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. This type of doctor typically has extensive knowledge of Parkinson’s therapies and ongoing research. Technology is helping more patients connect with these specialists.Read More 
  • Allied CareAllied care professionals include physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, counselors and nutritionists. As members of your treatment team, they can help you manage many symptoms and other aspects of living with Parkinson’s.Read More 
  • Care PartnersCare partners play a major role in the well-being of a person with Parkinson’s disease. Here we share tips for managing a loved one’s care, navigating a relationship with a Parkinson’s diagnosis and making time to care for oneself.Read More 
  • YouYou are an active member of your care team. Educate yourself about Parkinson’s disease, and talk with your doctor and loved ones to identify helpful health care professionals, decide on treatments and connect with research studies.Establishing a comfortable, open and productive relationship with your health care providers is important for your overall care. In choosing any provider, your major considerations should be how much they know about Parkinson’s and how well they listen.Because Parkinson’s involves a wide range of symptoms including movement- and non-movement-related issues, over the course of your life with Parkinson’s you may wish to work with a variety of health care providers in addition to the doctor who primarily treats your Parkinson’s.Care teams are made not only of medical professionals. Care partners play an essential role in the health and well-being of people with Parkinson’s. And you, the person with the disease, are in the driver’s seat — gathering and guiding the players.
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