What’s the best diet for Parkinson’s and brain health?


Eating Well to Boost Brain Health  
Dear Friend,There isn’t one diet that’s recommended or works for everyone with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Everybody’s PD is different. And everybody’s culture and traditions, tastes, and lifestyle are different, too. But that means you can focus on good-for-you options while still enjoying the foods you love most.A healthy diet can be a powerful tool to boost health and well-being, whether you live with PD or not. For people with Parkinson’s, it can ease symptoms and boost medication benefit, too.Learn how and get tips, recipes, community member hints, and more in our new, free guide, Brain Food: Eating Well if You Have Parkinson’s (or Worry You Might Get It).

Whether you live with Parkinson’s, care about someone who does, worry about the possibility of PD, or simply want to care for your brain as best you can — the guide has something for you. If you find this information helpful, please share with a friend or loved one.

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